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This is a medicine labeling system that ensures that medicines dispensed by pharmacies and Hospitals are given out with the right dosage and information for patients to follow and feel better quickly. The system comprises an app with over 10,000 editable drug dose instructions preloaded into it and a portable rechargeable thermal printer. The labeling system has been designed with the focus of preventing dispensing errors and assuring optimum patients safety. The system is simple to use and convenient with a recheargble printer which does not require any ink-refill. The entire system is designed to speed up the dispensing rate for professionals when serving prescriptions and gives them the absolute confidence to ensure patients are not sent out with inadequate information regarding their medication.

Since the inception of the approved labeling system, which is a novel product in the African market, the adoption rate has been very impressive. All public and private institutions are signing up to use the system because its benefits and usefulness is undebatable.

The app accompanying this device was designed and built by competent young Ghanaian pharmacists and in-house developers. The medication information loaded were well researched using the British National Formulary, Stedman’s Drug information handbook and many other online resources to ensure credibility and accuracy. The Approved Labeling system will ensure dispensing of medicines is done with precision, much convenience and free of any errors!

Approved labeling system, promoting good health with apt information!

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Studies show that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
Part of the errors stem from bad labeling of medicine due to omission of essential information or wrongly written information.
Approved Label Printer is a formidable and highly professional alternative to hand labeling
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